Latin American Investment summit

Monday 28 January, 2008

I attended the Latin American Investment Summit sponsored by Debbie Maue of Big Blue Marble Properties on 21 January, 2008 @ Sheraton Hotel in Chicago. It consisted of a number of presentations, mostly given by developers enticing people to buy residential properties in the countries of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, & Belize. There was also an exhibition area in the adjoining room. It appeared as if each of the exhibitors were allocated speaking slots. It appeared as if it was attended by a dozen or so real estate agents/brokers. The most valuable content I saw was a presentation given by Mitch Creekmore of Stewart Title  on “Title & Ownership in Latin America.” The former Panamanian Ambassador to the US, Juan Sosa, now of the US -Panama Business Council  also made a good presentation on Panama. Gloria Materre of Handler, Thayer, & Duggan law firm in Chicago  made a presentation on real estate law in Belize & wasn’t afraid to sling a few darts @ her fellow presenters, which added a little objectivity for comparison. Here is the link to Mitch Creekmore’s presentation:

Please find the web address to the site where we have placed Mitch Creekmore ’s presentation from NAR 2007. Please note this is a Stewart copyrighted presentation and must be noted as such when you quote any information from this presentation. We do not own the rights to the videos and you may use them as you please. The PowerPoint and the videos must all be downloaded to the same file in order for the videos to work.


login: NAR 2007

pswrd: StewartNAR07

The login and password are case sensitive. Please note the space in between NAR and 2007 in the login.


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