Pakistan Software Export Board visit

Thursday 31 January, 2008

The evening of 23 January, the Trade Consul for Pakistan Asad Hayauddin hosted a reception for the visiting Pakistan Software Export Board There were 10 individuals from 8 companies who visited Chicago after Houston & California, (which sent a bit of a chill up their spines, I’m sure), in addition to representatives from Islamabad & the Pakistani Consulate in Houston. Of those I met, most already had offices in the States, but were considering other locations. I was told they were on a tour to survey where to expand their operations here in North America. There were a number of other folks from the international community as well as representatives of the local Pakistani business community. If you were there, I think some stereotypes would have been broken. With all of the press we get decrying the actions of extremists in that part of the world, I think you might have been surprised to find how similar these visitors are to you & me. I met a banker, formerly with JPMorgan Chase, who is now with the National Bank of Pakistan. He wears a scruffy beard & no tie! If you’re interested in getting in contact with any of the Pakistani software developers I met, just let me know. Thanks.


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