Chinese interested in Motorola’s cell phone’s?

Friday 22 February, 2008

I checked out this in the Chicago Tribune Motorola’s cell phone unit may draw looks from Chinese firms by Wailin Wong.

Like IBM selling its hardware business to Lenovo, this makes a lot of sense.  Motorola is failing in this business & needs a respectable way out.  The Chinese have lots of dollars because of all we import from them. Despite their fall, Motorola is still a widely recognized brand.  The Chinese competitors are not well-known outside of China & acquiring Motorola would bring them a global presence fast.

The consequences for the remains of Motorola’s cell-phone business could be bleak.  I believe with Lenovo, much of the manufacturing already took place in China.  I’m sure with Motorola, that’s mostly the case.  However, there are still many design & development functions which take place outside of China which would be relocated there, & that would mean lots of lost tech jobs elsewhere if that happens.  Even if these jobs stay in the U.S, they’d likely move to Texas, a growing hub & the US HQ’s of the Chinese  telcos in the southwest.

Also, like anything techy these days, Google also could be involved.  They’ve bid on the  spectrum allocation.  Motorola needs more resources in software development, so that’s another potential hook-up.


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