international economic espionage

Tuesday 11 March, 2008

I attended this presentation by Michael P. Avramovich,  President of Avramovich & Assoc., P.C. @ the Center for International Business & Trade of the John Marshall Law School.  Here’s what I was able to pull out of it:

-FBI estimates losses of $200B.

-Russia & China are #1 & #2

-Because the U.S. is the largest foreign direct investor, that makes the U.S. the # 1 target

-inside agents are the most insidious

-supply chains open up vulnerability

-French flight attendants were bugged as members of the French equivalent of the CIA

-foreign students in the U.S. gather data to take home

He spent a fair amount of time going through the actual code

the U.S. govt must prove


-perpetrators knew it was a trade secret

-converted to an economic benefit

-knew there was injury

-related to foreign commerce

this controls acts outside of the U.S. as well

to protect trade secrets

-train employees, consultants, licensees

-sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

-limit physical access to secrets

-restrict the # of copies which can be made of secrets

-encrypt data

only 30 cases have been prosecuted in 11 1/2 years

For the record, this is 1 of the driest presentations I’ve ever seen.

He handed out an 18 page report, 6 pages of code on Protection of Trade Secrets, & a 6 page article he contributed to The Globe. Contact him if you’d like copies.


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