heparin coverage in Germany

Friday 14 March, 2008

In following up this article by Bruce Japson Similar heparin issue in Germany in the Chicago Tribune, I found out a few additional things in the German press

Süddeutsche Zeitung Heparin-Skandal erreicht Deutschland Heparin scandal reaches Germany: Axel Thiele of the Bundesinstituts für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte (BfArM)/Federal Institute for Medicines & Medical products confirmed about 80 cases of allergic shock.  Because of chemical similarities, contamination is difficult to discover.  There are 10 producers of cheaper variants of Heparin, which is no longer patent protected.

die Zeit Lebensbedrohliche Spritze Life threatening shots, claims almost 100 people are affected & traces the problem to specific Chinese firms.  Other quotes from Axel Thiele:  “At the moment, we don’t know what it is.”  When it’s identified, then they can seek other remedies.  Since Heparin is a natural amino sugar, it’s not under surveillance.WirtschaftsWoche picked up HANDELSBLATT’s article Gefährlicher Blutverdünner Rotexmedica muss Medikament vom Markt nehmen Dangerous bloodthinner-Rotexmedica must take medication off the market-Heparin has been pulled from the German market.  Rotexmedica belongs to the French pharmaceutical group Panpharma.

Berliner Zeitung & Frankfurter Allgemeine make no mention of Rotexmedica or Heparin


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