Chicagoans happiest in the world?

Tuesday 19 August, 2008

I caught this article For better or for worse-Survey finds Chicagoans are happy with their surroundings, beating New York & Paris as most loved city by its residents by Kathy Bergen & Deanese A. Williams.  According to this poll, Chicago residents led 14 cities in being “very satisfied” with their city.

Americans tendency to be positively optimistic leads 3 of the top 5 cities to be ranked in this poll to be American (1. Chicago, 3. New York, 5. LA)  As a businessperson, The Mastercard Worldwide Centers of Commerce Index seems to be a better barometer of worldwide stature.  I don’t know what LA dropping out of the top 10 of that index means, while Chicago & NY remain the US representatives here.  I would think the west coast’s ties to Asia would buoy their standing.  I’d like to see how the research team has changed over time to evaluate changes in this index as well.

The “close to nature” comments  indicate that it was a European firm, Veolia Environment SA out of Paris, FR behind the survey.  Closeness to nature I don’t think is something that Americans living in big cities would highlight.  Massive concrete metropolis Los Angeles rating high in this category confirms it.  Germans, Poles, & Swedes seemed to have more of a concern with nature when I was living in those countries.

The fact that this survey was conducted online skews the results a bit as well.  It eliminates some of the randomness of the survey & points it towards a more technologically inclined demographic, especially in cities & countries where internet penetration is not as high as it is here.

I’ve said before, if I’m going to live in the US, Chicago is where I like to be.  I’ve lived in & traveled to many other cities & I think Chicago offers the best an urban, rural, & sub-urban area can provide in America.  I’ve visited 1/2 of the world cities surveyed here, & would prefer 4 European cities over Chicago, but that could just be my wanderlust at work.  This is a nice pat on the back for promoters of Chicago, but otherwise, I’m not sure of what use it is.


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  1. I currently live in Chicago. Not in the richy rich suburbs. The city of Chicago. I am in no way “happy” with living here anymore. I will be leaving after 26 mostly unenlightening years. My suspicions are that they surveyed only folks in the decent neighborhoods, of which there are few to mention anymore. Chicago is the midwest’s largest traffic snarl, and the coldest big city on Earth. We are once again the murder capital of America thanks to corrupt polititcians who the undereducated citizens here choose to keep electing. It’s becoming very expensive to live here and in my opinion you don’t get a whole lot in return. The city departments suck. The people are rude as heck to each other. So I guess if that is what makes you happy, come take my place here! Please!

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