Romanian Energy presentations

Saturday 27 September, 2008

I attended this event hosted by the Romanian trade commissioner’s office which focused on opportunities with energy companies from Romania. Challenges facing Romania, like many other countries, are CO2 emissions, finite fossil fuels, & increasing demand which increases import dependency.  Known reserves will be depleted in 20 years.  Solutions are renewables, nuclear, clean coal, & diversifying supplies.  Limiting consumption while increasing storage capacity & energy efficiency will help.

A minister from Romania’s energy ministry made a presentation included here: romanianministry Electricity was liberalized in July, 2007 so that there are now no restrictions in participating in Romania’s electricity market.  Future investments will be made to privatize small hydroelectric plants & finish in-process & build new nuclear power plants.

Special provisions are being made for renewable energy, such as wind power.  The presentation highlighting those can be found here: anre_-renewable_2008_prez Green certificates generated a number of questions.  There are mandatory quotas to buy green certificates, which creates a competitive international market for them.   Their economic benefits can be passed on to supply-chain partners.

Here’s the last presentation that was made that morning: romaniapresentationseptember-2008 Transgaz, Europe’s #1 natural gas transit/transmission company, was established in April, 2000, but still state-owned.  Rehab & modernization are in-process.  Romania is in compliance with EU 2001 directives.  Long-term (10-15 year) sales agreements are possible, but not mandatory.  Investors must find buyers for that term.  If the quota is exceeded, the surplus can be sold with a certificate of origin.  Co-financing is available to companies as an incentive from the government to invest.  There are opportunities for US exporters to send over technical equipment to improve these infrastructure projects.


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