European Constitution & Impact on the Individual

Monday 24 November, 2008

I attended this lunch lecture Recent Developments in European Constitutional Law and the Impact on the Individual featuring Fulbright Research Scholar Dr. Vaclav Stehlik of Palacky University Faculty of Law in Olomouc, Czech Republik @ John Marshall Law School.  Here is the presentation he gave stehlik_jmls & here are the hanouts provided to support the lecture  treaty-establishing-the-european-communities-judicial-protection & charter which can also be found @ http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=OJ:C:2007:303:0001:0016:EN:PDF

Q&A opined the following:

-although the documents say human rights are protected for only citizens of the EU, they are also protected for residents & visitors as well

-while facism is prohibited in the EU, it means nothing in the Balkans, because no countries there are members of the EU yet.

I’m not an attorney & don’t know the details of these issues well at all, so I’ll just let making these resources available suffice.  In general I will say, my impression has been that human rights have been well-protected in Europe, if only in an old world sort of way.  Although they recognize them, I haven’t seen that they’ve been on the forefront promoting them.  That may be because they are subject to waves of immigrants from time-to-time & leaders may be weary of granting rights to foreigners who might not fit in their countries very well without earning much in taxes from them.


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