gata & TBK Network join forces

Friday 5 December, 2008

Global American Technology Alliances (GATA) of Chicago has joined the TBK Software Globalization Network, which is based in Hilleröd, Denmark, outside of Copenhagen, effective immediately.

Hans Peter Bech, Managing Director of TBK Consult & the organizer of the TBK Network, is building an international network of experienced software business experts who will help local software companies “go global” much more quickly than they’d be able to on their own. These experts reciprocate by assisting foreign software firms establish beachheads on an inbound basis as well. The TBK Network has already grown to include partners in the major European markets of Finland, France, Germany, Spain, & Switzerland, as well as in Silicon Valley.

TBK has a comprehensive process called Planning & Implementation Approach (PIA) which enables software companies to prepare, analyze, plan, & implement a global Go-To-Market strategy cost-, & time-efficiently. An outgrowth of this process is the Bech Index, developed by Bech to estimate market demand for software in countries throughout the world.

“The European software industry looks upon the US market with envy and mixed emotions. It’s like a ship approaching tropical shores. They definitely look attractive, but the waters are filled with wreckage”, says Hans Peter Bech. “There are so many horror stories of European software companies losing fortunes in the US, but when you look closer you realize that it’s nothing but insufficient preparation, unrealistic planning and poor implementation. Entering the US market must never be a trial and error approach. With software industry experts like GATA on the receiving end, we can help European software companies stay clear of the pitfalls.”

Michael Muth, Managing Director of GATA, decided to join the network to leverage resources for clients to enable them to enter markets covered by the network more quickly & efficiently. GATA employs a similar RAPID (Research, Analysis, Planning, Implementation, Development) process which can be easily merged & expanded upon to work together with the TBK Network’s PIA.

Says Muth, “The US software market is the largest & most competitive in the world, but foreign firms with well-defined competitive advantages can be successful here. American software firms often don’t devote the resources to the rest of the world because foreign markets are more time-consuming & expensive to reach, while local markets in their own backyards seem easier to enter. The TBK Network allows software firms to enter world-wide markets with the help of a local, rather than as a foreigner.” Muth has worked for the last 10 years bringing North American technology companies to new markets.

For more information please contact.

Michael Muth

+001-312-266-6909/skype id “mskwaird”


GATA was founded in 2003 as an international business development company to help technology companies build international partnerships world-wide.

Hans Peter Bech

+011-45 2715 2662/skype id “hpbech”


TBK Consult was founded in 2003 with the objective of helping software companies with rapid and massive globalization.


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