there’s a new chamber in town

Wednesday 28 January, 2009

I attended this opening night reception last week  American Southeast  Europe Chamber of Commerce wine inauguration It was a nice event.   They had sponsors & media coverage, from the old country, or so it seemed.  I even met an old friend with whom I worked @ Xerox 25 years ago.

Igor Jokanovic is 1 of the founders & President of AmSECC.  I met Igor 1 1/2 years ago @ Japan America Society event.  We exchanged cards & I let him know I was doing sprint triathlons to fight cancer.  I was quite surprised when I saw that he made a donation, without him even really knowing me.  Since then we’ve crossed paths a couple of times & wished each other well.

It’s not readily apparent from their website how AmSECC defines SouthEastern Europe.  If it’s board members are any indicator, AmSECC’s founders are from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, & Montenegro.   Taking a look @ the news section adds Serbia.  Links indicate that Macedonia fits too.   Digging deeper, it appears as if Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, & Romania are members with chambers & embassies as well.  It looks like Turkey might also be included.  Otherwise, I don’t see it stated anywhere else what they consider SouthEast Europe to be.  They’re new, so I’m sure they’re still working out some of the kinks in their systems.

It looks like this could be a family affair.  Perusing the boardmembers, it seems as if there are a couple of pairs of last names which look like husband-wife teams.  Nothing like keeping it all in the family.

Membership seems to be affordable, so if you have an interest in this part of the world, consider joining.


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