SDL Global Information Management conference

Friday 30 January, 2009

I attended this Global Information Management conference organized by SDL.  You can access most of the presentations here: http://www.sdl.com/en/sites/chicago-gim-2009-downloads-page/ Since you can see most of the content presented through the link, I’ll focus on the Q&A from the panel discussion.

Fair Isaac presented their solution as a part of a CMS (content management system) solution to their executive team.

Garmin got bogged down in the RFP process by asking too many questions from too many technical writers.

Fair Isaac has 2 translation vendors, SDL & 1 backup.  Their translation vendors are separate from their technology vendors so they can be vendor agnostic.

Smaller companies can utilize the same technologies bigger companies do by leveraging the following;

-work with an LSP (language services provider) who leverages technology

-use licensing models like SAAS (software as a service) after determining where it runs (on whose server)

-get as much out of TM (translation memory) as possible

-centralize data & the process, (most installations are still @ the department level on tight budgets)

-don’t work manually

Terminology management is a big obstacle.  Address multiple definition terms (ex. volume for Garmin) in a concept-based way.

Garmin integrates TMS (translation management system) on a string-based basis within their software development process.  Fair Isaac doesn’t really integrate the 2 yet.

Legal control needs to be separated from user stuff, then after you get the legal OK, it’s alright to proceed with the TMS.  There are no easy answers to legal issues.  ECM (enterprise content management) has failed.  Product managers can only review changes, not make them @ Fair Isaac.  Garmin’s system of legal reviews outside of TMS is not yet completely automated.

Garmin does no linguistic reviews-they’re in Kansas.  It’s also an internal technology issue, for which the technology doesn’t exist yet.

Technology has reduced turnaround times 2-3 weeks @ Garmin to retain a little time for reviews.  It’s too soon for Fair Isaac to say.  Now it’s all about working with pre-populated documents.  Continuous translation is the holy grail.

Fair Isaac & Garmin will use TMS reporting, but it doesn’t contain all of the answers.

The global slowdown is affecting both Fair Isaac & Garmin in that budgets are winnowing away & they’re not done yet.  Gilbane chipped in that business has not stopped & decisions are still being made, there are just different priorities now.  Focus is on the best customers.  The web is moving forward with social media.  SDL chimed in that we need to invest now to increase efficiencies.

My quick take-GILT (globalization, internationalization, localization, translation) is proceeding @ a rapid pace & I’m not sure that companies are keeping up with the vendors.  There are huge advantages to automating these processes which enable companies to go global much quicker.  Time’s a wastin’!


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