International Risk Management seminar

Wednesday 11 February, 2009

I checked out this breakfast seminar last week RISK MANAGEMENT IN INTERNATIONAL MARKETS by WI-based accountants Virchow Krause.  They were good enough to send over the presentation, so here it is  virchowkrausebreakfastforum-riskservicesininternationalmarkets

I didn’t take many notes because they didn’t present much more than what’s contained in the presentations.  Here are a few of my comments:

  • when I think of risk management, my thoughts often turn to insurance. This event did not devolve into that exclusive discussion.
  • I really enjoyed the interactive format.  They presented their material & then we broke out into small groups & discussed how it affected each of us.  We then reported back to the whole group on our findings.  It really enabled us to make it real.
  • the tools & templates @ the end of the presentation seem to be quite helpful.
  • I’m sometimes a little skeptical of organizations which tout being part of an international network, but Baker Tilly appears to be as good as any other.  I just question how invested foreign partners are in the success of US clients.  Sometimes there may be conflicts of interest in passing off clients to partners who don’t have the same goals in serving clients as we do.  On the other hand, I work with international partners as well & don’t want to by hypocritical in accusing others when in some ways I’m no better.
  • 1 thing not included in the attached presentation that they did present was Transparency International ‘s Corruption Perceptions Index map & table.  It’s quite eye-opening.
  • 1 complaint as a part-time WI resident to a WI-based firm, serve more cheese!

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