baseball in japan & around the world

Monday 14 September, 2009

I popped into this breakfast talk Baseball in Japan and the U.S. Persevering Through Difficult Times featuring Trey Hillman, the manager of the Kansas City Royals major league baseball team.  He was invited to speak by the Japan America Society of Chicago because he took a losing team to the playoffs 3 times & won the Japan Series while managing 5 years in Japan.

The focus was much more on persevering through difficult times than on baseball in Japan & the world.  Apparently he & his family have had a rough go of it lately, so he can relate.  His main message was that we all overestimate the the importance of our own problems & it’s better to be an energy-giver rather than an energy- sucker.  We listen to the wrong people & need to seek wise counsel.  He tracks these links:  presence->positive energy->ego->thoughts->words->action->habits->character->destiny  He’s a pretty religious guy, so he gave out a sheet with some inspirational sayings from the Bible.

His story:  he found he was a good ego manager @ the age of 24, so he moved from the field to the dugout when he realized the latter held more potential than the former.  To illustrate Japan’s passion for sports, Trey noted they have 7 sports daily newspapers, & athletes there have a tremendous work ethic.


Japan has better ego management because 99% of Japanese players accede to the team.

To prepare to live & work in Japan, he simply did research on the internet, called fellow manager Bobby Valentine who coached in Japan as well, & took a visitor’s attitude of respecting his hosts.

My take:  I can see that Trey is a pretty inspirational guy, but I do wonder how much he’s able to relive his times in Japan in Kansas City.  I was disappointed he spoke so little about his time in Japan in favor of focusing on quoting the Bible, but I guess that’s just me.


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