another SDL Global Information Management conference

Monday 19 October, 2009

I attended another SDL Global Information Management Conference which was a bit of a disappointment because some of the material presented was a rehash of their events earlier in the year.  Anyway, there are some new tidbits, so there is still some value in checking it out.  Here are links to the presentations that were presented:

  • SDL’s GIM evangelist Andrew Thomas’  introduction
  • They did take my suggestion after their last event & add a small-business example, Jason Arnsparger of Caridian BCT.
  • Larry Arnold was back from Garmin with an updated presentation from what he presented earlier this year.

The most substantial trend which came out of this is the advent of DITA, (Darwin Information Typing Architecture), which uses .xml to design, write, manage, publish information by topic rather than by document, etc.  This is significant because it unhooks content from traditional sources & makes it more easily accessible in other formats, media, etc.

My assumption is SDL invited a new & different set of attendees to this event, but still, I would think they have enough customers that they should be able to find someone else to present who hasn’t presented before.  That way they can engage the same attendees with new material.  SDL is good & big, & good at what they do.  I expected more, & was disappointed I didn’t have the opportunity to learn more new stuff instead of what we saw a number of months ago.


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