invest in bosnia herzegovina?

Thursday 12 November, 2009

The American SouthEast Europe Chamber of Commerce hosted this event  INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA’S DEVELOPING SECTORS, which featured a presentation by Consul General Eldin Kajevic, (here’s his presentation  Invest in BiH) & a presentation by John Freeborn of Freeborn Development Group which was basically a commercial for opportunities they uncovered in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  To learn more about the potential of investing in this part of the world, check out the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of BH. Little known fact:  BH is a land of beautiful bridges.  For ex., there is an Eifel Bridge (like the tower) in Sarajevo.  Some were destroyed in the 1990’s.  They are on the path to membership in the European Union & will submit their candidacy in 2010.  They’ve signed the Adriatic Charter, will join NATO, & are already a member of the Security Council of the United Nations.  Bosnia is 1/3 the size of the state of Illinois & there are 300,000 Bosnians in the US.  IT opportunities are very political because the government controls the networks & they are heavily regulated.  Labor costs vary by region & industry, but $4-5,000/year is average & the minimum salary is 160 Euros/month.  The GDP/per capita is 3600 Euros per person.  Skilled labor earns $3-7/hour.


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