Renewable Energies in Emerging Markets

Friday 11 December, 2009

I checked out this event Renewable Energy in Emerging Markets hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in South Eastern Europe held @ IIT.   Here are the presentations made that day:  AmSECC slides for IIT event final & RES final.

Nikola Milivojevic and Igor Stamenkovic of RES Technologies didn’t really have much more to say in addition to their slides, so you can check out what they had to say there.  Russell Gilchrist of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP extrapolated a bit beyond his slides:

  • The Pearl River Tower has not yet achieved energy self-sufficiency.
  • CO2 in China today is like the US 150 years ago.
  • Some of their design they learned from the aviation industry.
  • Chinese building codes are more stringent than those in the US.
  • The building faces the wind directly, so that the wind is sucked through & speeds up the apertures, & this creates negative wind pressure on the leeward side.
  • Micro-turbines are the holy grail in renewable energy, but they’re only used 40-50 of 160 hours/week.
  • Radiant heating is a better solution than forced air because water is a better medium to conduct heat than air is.
  • They’re unable to use geothermal energy because the water temperatures are in not right for it.


  • They started with 36 strategies, such as trying to get as much natural light into the building as possible,  to get the design to net 0 & 22 survived.
  • Wind turbines provide a great payback.
  • LEED certifiers should now adopt light, medium, & dark green designations to reflect the changes in green building.
  • Paybacks vary by location because raw materials & photo-voltaic differ
  • Green buildings require an 8-10% premium in additional cost, but there is still a very short payback

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