international search interview

Thursday 7 January, 2010

I caught this interview in B2B Marketing magazine International search offers opportunities which I think is very helpful for a lot of technology marketers.  Here are a few highlights in my eyes:

  • I’m not sure that pay-per-click advertising rates have necessarily reached their ceilings in English-speaking markets.  I’d like to learn his source for that.  I think there’s still lots of room for growth in terms of numbers of customers as well as how much they’ll pay.
  • translation tools are of limited value, because translations still need to be seen by human eyes, even native speaker eyes.  I still speak pretty good German, but would not want to take responsibility for naming keywords in German.  I don’t know if it was the interviewees mistake or the editor’s, but they didn’t even translate some German in the interview correctly.
  • when I interviewed John Lee of Hostway for the eprairie.com Q&A: Founder John Lee of Chicago’s Hostway on Web Site Localization ,he verified the difference in Asia’s proclivity towards more busy webpages.  It might seem “foreign” to us, but it’s very comfortable to them.  I suspect it might have something to do with the fact that they use kanji characters instead of the roman alphabet & thus they look at their verbiage differently than we do.

In general, internet search is all about finding the right words, & just translating the words directly from language to language is not enough.  All those words are most effective in context, & translating them without context wastes money by ending up with the wrong words in translation & many times missing the correct words, which costs you in lost opportunities.

This simply underscores the fact that even technology firms which depend on 0’s & 1’s/bits & bytes have to pay attention to language differences, break down, & pay specialists to translate stuff.

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