IVCC tour around the world

Wednesday 27 January, 2010

The International Visitor’s Center of Chicago hosted an evening featuring a tour around the world with Dieter Klagge, an intrepid traveler who has visited 119 countries. Dieter gave an old-fashioned slide show which whirled us around the globe in rapid fashion. Here are tidbits I pulled from his presentation:

  • Kanchatka in Russia has 29 active volcanoes to which you can get very close
  • a volcano erupted in Montserrat, so there’s nothing/nobody left to see there anymore
  • Le Paz, Bolivia is the world’s highest city, altitudenly
  • Antarctica was 57 degrees in January with no darkness
  • the wife of Spain’s former king was German & spoke Deutsch with Dieter when he was there
  • the famous minarets in Moscow are now a museum
  • Muslim women wear no veils in Uzbekistan
  • a lake encountered on the Siberian Express from Moscow to Urtusk contains 1/6 of all the fresh water on the Earth
  • the Chasa palace in Tibet has 6,000 rooms
  • wandering sand dunes swallow trees in Dubai
  • North Korea has springs which emit effervescent water & the Chinese have built a lot there
  • Namibia is a former German colony where residents lived better then compared to now
  • Greenland is 5 X as big underwater
  • Vlad Dracul (Dracula) kills in Romania
  • Slovenia is beautiful

Q&A revealed:  North Korea & Cuba are misrepresented by the media & are not as bad as the media portrays them to be. The people in both countries as are nice as in any other. Although Dieter travels with 2 passports (German & American), & the North Korean police did take some of the photos (& x-rayed others) he took there, he maintains these countries are misunderstood.

To catch more of Dieter’s slide shows, keep your eyes on the event calendar @ the Wilmette Library.  fyi-I worked with Dieter @ my 1st job out of college many years ago @ Xerox when we were both account managers.  He was responsible for Sears & all of its subsidiaries @ the time.  We’ve crossed paths many times the past few years @ events @ the Goethe Institute, IVCC, & others.  Dieter is a great guy & he tells great & amusing stories @ his presentations.  Check them out when you can.  The IVCC needs hosts for foreign visitors, so register with them as well.


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