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invest in Macedonia?

Friday 5 March, 2010

I attended this function hosted by the American/South Eastern European Chamber of Commerce function Investment Opportunities in the Republic of Macedonia Here’s the presentation:  2010 Invest in Macedonia

fyi-here are a few of the basic stats for Macedonia:

  • population 2 million people;  there are as many Macedonians living outside of Macedonia as in the country, including 30,000 in Chicago
  • GDP $10 billion
  • geographically the size of Belgium just north of Greece
  • unemployment 30%

Mike Zafirovski conveyed Macedonia’s hope to become the next Singapore-small but powerful.  He reiterated, Macedonia is a good investment because it mitigates a lot of risk for the following reasons:

  • cost benefits
  • political stability
  • reliable infrastructure
  • well-qualified workforce
  • access to European markets

Here are the responses to Q&A:

  • Greece still disputes the use of the name Macedonia, but relations are still good.
  • Immigration to & from Macedonia happens all over.
  • Macedonia offers a 100% 3G wireless connectivity & now encourages a competitive marketplace for wireless.
  • As a small country, Macedonia partners with & has free trade agreements with Albania, Serbia, & Bulgaria to create some scale.

For more information check out I’ve never been to Macedonia, but would like to visit Skopje.  It’s the land of lakes, & I always find that appealing.