international business…academically speaking

Wednesday 7 April, 2010

I wasn’t able to attend, but did pick up the proceedings from the Academy of International Business Midwest Chapter‘s annual meeting @ the Drake Hotel. Here are the topics they addressed:

  • Promoting economic growth through tourism:  a systematic customer-focused approach
  • Corporate governance & firm valuation in Asian emerging markets
  • Patterns of consumer adjustments in shopping outlet selection from extreme poverty to an affluent society:  a case of North Korean defectors in South Korea
  • Corporate social responsibility in a post-c0mmunist country:  the case of Danone in Poland
  • SME’s selection of supply-chain partners:  trust & cultural impact
  • Extending the relationship between culture & organizational commitment in Hong Kong:  the mediating role of justice
  • Characteristics of global & national business leaders:  leadership skills & global mindset
  • Labor standards & HR practices in China:  implications to HR management in a global environment
  • Preferred learning styles vs. perceived teaching styles:  how do American students compare?
  • The impact of belief in global citizenship on brand positioning strategies:  a cross-cultural experimental investigation
  • The role of distance in international trade flows:  is distance dead?  evidence from India, Japan, & the US
  • Choice-based strategic design of shopping centers in Finland
  • Importance of the political risk assessment process in large US corporations
  • The most recent crisis of capitalism:  to what extent will it impact the globalization process of recent decades
  • Corporate social responsibility in USA & European gambling firms
  • The effectiveness of HR department in Taiwanese firms:  a test of cross-level model
  • Why should American expatriates know about roosters & stars before going to France?
  • Existence & persistence of the week-of-the-month effect in Asian stock markets
  • Applying artificial neural networks to portfolio selection:  empirical study in Taiwanese stock market
  • Are Ghanian firms dealing with the global pressure to improve logistics strategies?
  • An exploratory study of changing work values:  the case of China
  • Resilent global travelers:  a phenomenological study of short-term international business travel
  • A comparative study of Peruvian & Chilean students interest in international business career assignment
  • Impact of malls on small retailers
  • Sensemaking & employee resistance strategic renewal in multinational firms
  • The influence of trust, culture, & web-enabled information technology on global supply chain management strategies of born global firms in the fashion industry:  a conceptual model

I don’t know if you’ve attended any of these academic fora (forums?), but they’re quite a hoot.  I’m glad to see the academicians paying such close attention to business culture.   Here’s a good example in written form, an article in the American Journal of Business, Cost Center Practices in Germany and the United States: Impact of Country Differences on Managerial Accounting Practices

which I picked up @ the conference.  Who ever would have thought something as rote as accounting could be so heavily impacted by business culture.  As you can tell by simply reading the list of topics, some of the subjects are pretty esoteric & arcane.  Perfect English is not required, even in titles.  The conference is just as interesting as the papers.  The author presents his/her paper, a moderator criticizes it, & then opens it up for more discussion & input from the attendees. As researchers, for people who have no direct experience, they sure seem to think they know a lot.  Research is great, but experience on the ground is better yet.


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