German green building conference

Friday 30 April, 2010

The German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest sponsored this conference German Green Building Innovation Delegation Conference You can access the presentations that were made & streaming video from the conference through the previously mentioned link.  The event was abbreviated because 1/2 of the visiting delegation from Germany was stranded at home because of the volcanic fallout from Iceland.  Here are a few of the highlights:

The chamber needs to do a better job of informing speakers why they would like them to speak.  The 1st 2 speakers commented at the beginning of their talks that they didn’t know why they were invited to speak.  Perhaps they were being just typically Midwesternly modest, but still, it hurts their credibility a bit.

Durbrow’s (of IIT & formerly Murphy-Jahn) main thrust was that everything green is somewhat overdone, simply because we have too few metrics to measure greenness.

Master questioned whether, despite all of the changes in climate, urbanization, demographics, waste, etc.  “are we making a better world for others?”  Healthy interiors are the wave of the future.  The biggest costs in green building are in operating costs when you’re done, not in the materials going in, i.e. lighting costs.

M. Vesper, of Yello Strom, encouraged firms to make their customers more green.  His firms solutions do that by allowing them to monitor & control their energy consumption on a real-time basis.  Buildings need to be developed to “cycle down” as cars do, just as computers could use a remote start instead of being left on overnight.


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