world trade (center?) illinois is back & another new chamber in town

Friday 20 August, 2010

Last night I attended this Global Business Card Exchange hosted by a rejuvenated World Trade (Center?) Illinois & new Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce of Illinois at the Brazilian steakhouse Brazzaz.  Other sponsors included The law firm of Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A.Argentine-American Midwest Chamber of Commerce, The Latin American Chamber of Commerce, Korean Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, and The Peruvian Professionals of Chicago.  The event attracted a crowd of 50-60+ from all over the world, so their inaugural event kicked off with a good start.  There were a few other speakers, but without a microphone, we weren’t able to hear them well.

I’m glad they’re back, but on its website, there’s no indication that the World Trade (Center?) Illinois is a member of the World Trade Centers Association.  This means members of the WTC Illinois might not be able to take advantage of the benefits of being able to utilize the services of other WTC’s throughout the world when traveling to different corners of the globe.  In the past I’ve mentioned my concern with the value associated with the membership dues that its predecessor organization charged.  I discussed this briefly with the new leadership, but it appears as if they cling to the same value relationship.  It’s good that there’s another organization like the WTC back in the Chicagoland area & they appear to offer some valuable services, but it’s important to know what you get for your investment in the organization.  If any WTCI members read this & disagree, feel free to click on the comment button to voice your opinion.

It’s also encouraging that there is now a chamber of commerce focused on Brazil.  Given the country’s growth & potential, there should be enough business & sponsors to support it.  It was also good to see other organizations supporting this event as well.  I think South American business is underrepresented here in Chicago, so seeing Argentina & Peru contributing helps too.  I didn’t see any representatives from Korea at the event, but it’s possible that they arrived after I left to check out some jazz in Millennium Park.  They have a few glitches to work out for their next event, but should be able to learn from the problems they encountered last night to improve them the next time.


One comment

  1. I’m not sure if this group has anything to do with The World Trade Center. I would check the credibility of the officers before associating yourself with them.
    They keep modifying their company name —- raising a red flag.

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