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Friday 27 August, 2010

Since my days working @ the Canadian consulate, I still check in @ http://www.canada.com  There was an interesting article there:  Europeans dress most casually for work, Indians dress smartest where there are a few tidbits that might be helpful @ some point.  Here are all of the results of the survey & here is the summary report.  These kinds of things aren’t of vital importance, but could be important to know if you are interviewing or meeting clients in that country or with a firm from the countries surveyed.  If nothing else, this serves as another example of things being done differently elsewhere, but not necessarily better or worse.

Here are a few of my observations on the data:

  • The supposedly more fashion-conscious Europeans were way ahead in wearing business casual to work when I worked there in the 1980’s.
  • I quibble with the results of this survey a bit, being 1 who is relatively unconcerned with appearances, (why else would I sport a graying beard?),  I question how much what you wear has to do with how well you do your job, but some of the data corroborates that.  I guess that’s why I lean more towards the Swedish tendency after spending 6 months there years ago.
  • I haven’t run the numbers, but it does look like there is a correlation between level of economic development & less acceptance of informal dress @ work, & playing golf to enhance business connections.  Latin America seems to be somewhat of an exception here though.
  • I find it interesting that twice as many (34%) North Americans say it’s OK to wear shorts to work as flip-flops (17%), a much starker difference than for other continents.
  • The data on wearing a Speedo/bikini @ the beach or company picnic must be screwed up for North America unless the survey has proportionately more Mexicans than Americans and Canadians.
  • For some reason, & I have no idea why, the detailed data includes questions on worker abuse/harassment & abortion, which seems to have no place in this survey.

Pardon me for the fluffiness of this post, but it’s August & a lot of the rest of the world is on holiday, so there isn’t much else to write about.


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