Romanian manufacturers in Chicago

Wednesday 15 September, 2010

Gabriel Dutu, Consul for Economic Affairs @ the Consulate General of Romania in Chicago, organized a gathering of Romanian manufacturers in town to attend the International Manufacturing Technology Show.  These companies weren’t actually exhibiting @ IMTS, rather just attending the show in anticipation of exhibiting potentially @ a national pavilion the next time the show is in Chicago in 2012.  There was no powerpoint & we basically went around the conference room table & all briefly introduced ourselves.  Viorel Onel, the minister of economy, commerce, & business environment who opened the Chicago office in 2002, said “Chicagoans like short speeches,” & “his soul remains here.”  The Director of the Employer’s Association for Machine Building Industry & a person from Romania Trade & Investment were in attendance, but didn’t say much, while the John Varan, President of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Chicago, the 1st in the U.S. which opened last year, said a few words.   A European representative of the Association for Manufacturing Technology admitted that registrations for IMTS are down 8% vs. 2008.

Here are the firms that visited Chicago:

Each of the representatives of each of these firms said a few words, but more information can be found on their websites.  Their visit was partially sponsored by the Romanian Economic Ministry.


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