Italians @ International Manufacturing Technology Show

Friday 17 September, 2010

The Italian Trade Commission, UCIMU-the Association of Italian Machine Tool Manufacturers, Association for Manufacturing Technology, & Midwest Clean Tech sponsored a reception @ the International Manufacturing Technology Show @ McCormick Place.  This was a scaled down affair compared to past years, but still a lovely evening.

Italian Trade Commissioner Pasquale Bova seemed to be speaking to the Italians present by noting that the US Dept of Commerce indicated that the US still holds the highest place in worldwide manufacturing with 21-22% share @ $1.6T & employing 12M workers.  Manufacturing is up 9% & GDP up 2.4%.  Being green is a necessity.  Sustainability is a responsibility & both of these traits are available from Italian machine tool manufacturers.

I believe it was UCIMU President Giancarlo Losma who informed us about Italian machine tool manufacturers.  He indicated their sales were up 30% to 493M € making them a top exporter because of their precision & quality features.  While machine tool sales in the US are down 10.2%, the US has slipped to 3rd place in Italy’s exports behind Germany & China, acquiring 8.7% of Italy’s machine tool exports.

To see my summary of the event the last time it was held in Chicago, check out this blog entry  Italian Machine Tools dinner In case you can’t tell, this year’s version was a scaled-down event, no doubt a reflection of the change in the economy between then & now.  The Italians took on a different less deep-pocketed group of partners & put it on much less expensively, with a buffet rather than a sit-down dinner.  However, on the rooftop garden of the McCormick Place West building on a lovely night, it was no less a nice evening.

For my thoughts @ the time on manufacturing in Europe, take a look @ this post  Financial Times/Italian manufacturing event My thoughts have not substantially changed, although given the intense focus on maintaining jobs while still enhancing competitiveness, it must be an increasingly expensive investment to continue to pour money into competing with Asians.


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