Kraft & 5-10 Group honored @ British dinner

Friday 15 October, 2010

Kraft Foods & FiveTen Group were honored @ the British American Business Council awards dinner. Since the BABC was founded in 1990, that makes this year the 20th anniversary of the council.

Five-Ten, which won the small company award,  is a recruiting company established in 1976 & was established in the US in 2000 in Chicago. CEO Paul Taylor said they were the 15th-fastest growing private equity company in 2009 because of their new recruitment model.

Kraft, which won the large company award, has had a long & prosperous history in the UK since 1925.  Nancy Daigler, SVP, Corporate Affairs said that with the acquisition of Cadbury, Warrenville, England is now the center of their chocolate R&D science & technology center.  Union officials were nervous, but they seem to be appeased.  Kraft admired Cadbury’s brands, heritage, & employees.  Kraft now operates in 170 countries & 50%+ of their revenues come from outside of the US.  They’re not just a cheese company anymore-they’re now #1 in chocolate too (they owned a legacy brand Toblerone before they bought Cadbury) .  Kraft is honoring Cadbury’s commitment to the 2012 Olympics in 2012 & Cadbury’s commitments to help rainforests in Ghana.  For Kraft, their borders are blurring as they build bridges & brands cross borders.

Baker & McKenzie (next year will be B&M’s 50th anniversary year of having an office in London), Boeing, Wells Fargo, Intercontinental Hotel, Strategic Hotel Capital, & American Airlines were sponsors.


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