bye Chicago-hi India, EU & Baker McKenzie on China, invest in Bulgaria, BRIC middle classes, enter India

Wednesday 6 July, 2011

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Going Global-international interviews

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Jobs with an international non-profit organization-awhile ago I interviewed John Kamperschroer of Opportunity International (part 1, part 2, part 3). After he received my last newsletter, he requested that I make readers aware of opportunities with Opportunity International. Here they are: http://search10.smartsearchonline.com/opportunityintl/jobs/process_jobsearch.asp

global american technology alliances is an international business development organization focused on helping technology companies grow globally. Please consider gata to assist you in your international expansion needs.

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May, 2011-iraq biz, europe, china, turkey, middle east, brazil, APEC, Austrian R&D, european freedom, global taxes, canadian wireless, hungarian IT, 8 events & more…
April, 2011– India biz, higher ed., more wall fall, environmental rights, future cities, Austrian entrepreneurs, McKinsey/Boeing on India infrastructure, Panama & Singapore IT, 10 events, & more…
March, 2011– Parisian ads, $lovakia, Intl ♀’s Day, C/E Europe conf, Japan finances, invest in Canada, Artentine IT, convergence & e-scripts opps in Greece, 10 pretty interesting events, & more…
February, 2011-country/market selection, o-sum world?, EU future?, Swiss-US financial history, Thai wireless comm, 11 very interesting upcoming events, & more…
January, 2011-Chinese in Chicago, Japan biz, World Bank prez, Morgan Stanley on Asia, RR in Brazil, population booms, telecom components in China, events, more…
December, 2010-o/s legal hurdles, H. Paulsen, city problems & futures, Greenbuild, west side, Dutch, China, India, Hong Kong, Oz channels, Colombian & Korean ICT sums, coupla events, more…
November, 2010-overseas legalities, more Hamburg, Intel CEO, German wind, ATKearney/DuPont, microfinance, Brazil, Lithuania, Chinese, innovation, Singapore sum, 7 events, & more…
October, 2010-global SPSS, charitable?, chicago #6 city, 4G world, Poland investment, global real estate, Kraft British dinner, global UPS, go Beyond Sport?, Romanian IT, Turkey IT Security + 9 events
September, 2010-language<->thought?, India summit, consumer demand, swiss innovation, Italian & Romanian manufacturers, Korean leaders, Australian telecom, Spanish cybersecurity, 10 upcoming events, & more…
August 2010-ceo’s abroad, World Trade/Brazil chamber, globalizing minority firms, global dress, German telecom, upcoming events, & more…
July, 2010– cultural diffs, climate bridge, MacArthur Foundation, German sweets, MidAmerica Committee/Illinois Global Partnership, b2b in Africa, translation, Indian CAD/CAM, Mexican IT
June, 2010– BIO wrap-up, Japanese high speed rail, free market end? climate economics, São Paulo report, Venezuelan governor, Argentine IT
May, 2010– Poland’s biotech, japanese health care, global mktg/branding, Groupon in Europe, German CG on the wall, islamic capitalism, Brazilian broadband, Czech e-commerce
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