managing diversity panel discussion @ the National Institute for Personnel Management of India conference

Thursday 22 December, 2011

I was invited to moderate a panel discussion on Managing Diversity @ the National Institute of Personnel Management conference in Visakhapatnam, India.  I would have liked to have summarized it, but I was too busy moderating to take any notes.  So instead, here are 3 of the 4 presentations that were given:

  • mine, to introduce the topic ManagingdiversityinIndia
  • an examination of managing across cultures by P. Naresh Kumar, Director of people & culture @ Vestas managingacrosscultures
  • a different look @ managing diversity by Ananda Kumar Raju, Director of Human Resources @ Air Liquide Managing diversity
  • P.K. Joshi, Executive Director (HRD) of HPCL in Mumbai gave a presentation more focused on managing diversity in India, but I havent’ been able to get his presentation.

I’ve received some good feedback about the panel discussion.  If you have something to add, feel free to chime in.


  1. Was the panel discussion following the presentations, as is common, focused on largish multinational organisations and their diversity management? The presentation slides seem to suggest that it was, and that diversity is still seen in India as “something to be managed”. Was there discussion of the advantages of diversity (rather than merely “diversity not being problematic”)?

    Did questions from the floor suggest that there is increasing awareness of the advantages that can be had from significantly different individuals / culturally different individuals (e.g. as an antidote to ‘group think’)?

    • Each of the presenters was from a major multinational: 1 from India, 1 from France, & 1 from Denmark. The questions weren’t targeted specifically @ MNC’s, rather were quite broad. We tried to focus on the advantages of diversity & I think that came across in the discussions. I didn’t get the impression that questions from the floor indicated a greater understanding of the advantages of diversity, but I think that’s endemic in India. If you’re interested & capable, please participate in our survey on managing diversity in India.

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