Human resources management innovation

Friday 27 January, 2012

I attended an HR symposium which featured a number of well-qualified speakers, such as Dr. T.V. Rao, the founder of the National HRD Network, Rahul Amin CEO of Jyoti, Imon Ghosh, Director of the Academy of HRD, & David Wittenberg of the Innovation Workgroup. Dr. Anil Khandelwal also talked about how he transformed the Bank of Baroda from a stodgy state-owned bank into a market leader. This event was hosted by the SP Jain Institute of Management & Research.

Rao opened by quoting Sam Petroda, who observed that we have a 19th century mindset using 20th century technologies to address 21st century needs. Indians are by nature divisible. For example, if a house is on fire in Japan, all of the neighbors bring a glass of water to put it out. In India, everyone simply looks for a higher power to solve the problem. Corruption must be fought 1st @ the family level, then by both corruptor as well as corruptee. 95% of IIM entrants are engineers, not transformers. There is a great need for organizational transformation, but it’s not happening.

Amin described how he proactively took a number of steps to change the business culture & ethics in his company over a period of years. He started by setting an example himself. He pointed out that organizationally, dependence doesn’t work, independence is better, but interdependence is best. These transformations are like bypass surgery: they’re painful but life-saving.

Ghosh talked about 5 issues:

  1. Is HRM too narrowly defined? Hunger & that there are few trained doctors in rural areas in India are national shames.
  2. What’s HRM’s impact beyond corporations? We need to not only think with our heads, but also work with our hands, & make decisions from our hearts.
  3. What are the key HRD indicators? (missed ‘em)
  4. What are the capabilities in the informal sector? 93% of India’s workforce works in the informal sector, so rural development leads to national development. Small cottage industries are bigger than heavy industry. 800M need to be empowered in 600K villages, which are now being served by only 70K bank branches.
  5. Offer of a few ideas to reduce poverty & encourage growth-reduce regional disparities, urban migration, rural interest rates; with India’s 5K year banking history, offer credit with US-type unit banking, & integrate financial markets.

Wittenberg offered a presentation on innovation for HRD & here it is:  Innovative HRM for 21 Century 120113 S P Jain


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