Polish ICT presentations in Chicago

Thursday 8 November, 2012

The Polish American Chamber of Commerce in Chicago hosted a delegation of ICT companies visiting from Gdansk, Poland @ the IIT Technology Center.  Over a dozen companies came over to make presentations along with almost the same number of representatives from Invest in Gdansk.  The presentations were streamed live @ AR TV Chicago . Here are the presenters & their bios gdanskoct2012 The organizer said he would send me the presentations, but I have yet to receive them.

The Polish Trade Minister-Counselor based in Washington, D.C. made a brief presentation on their role in trade & investment.  They have 50 offices world-wide, & in the US encourage Polish companies to export more to the US than the US imports from Poland, which is the case today .  Polish firms invested about $500M in foreign direct investment in America in 2011 to widen their footprints in the US.  These companies employ at least 6K workers in the US.  America foreign direct investment in Poland has been up & down, but comes in all over Poland, for R&D centers & other uses.  Poland’s GDP reached $.5TR with 2-4% growth & a population the size of California (38M).  Poland hopes to create 50 Tech Parks in the next decade.  It took a generation or 20-25 years, for Europe to recover from World War II.  Polish leaders believe that they are @ such an inflection point after the fall of the Berlin Wall.


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