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Tuesday 21 January, 2014

Last month I attended this event hosted by Czech Invest: Transatlantic Technology Transfer.  6 organizations made presentations, which are highlighted here:

  1. Central European Institute of Technology is an EU funded project/Center of Excellence which focuses on material & life sciences & advanced materials.  It’s comprised of 6 partners, 4 universities & 2 research institutes.  They pursue 6 research programs with 557 researchers in 61 research groups.  They have 9 core facilities funded with a 210M € budget.  It was founded in 2011 & scheduled to end in 2015.  Other foreign partners include VIB, EMBC, Imperial College-London, CTH-Zurich, TU-Wien, & AIT.  They want to attract US students & have taken on 14 new PhD students since 2013.
  2. Meopta.com was founded as an optics company in 1933 & recently opened a high-end clean room assembly & distribution facility on Long Island, & is now 90% privately held.  Most of the manufacturing is done in the Czech Republic.  They produce 850 optical & mechanical products for industrial & military applications & sports optics, such as products for aviation, semiconductors, digital projectors, binoculars, & riflescopes.  Their Czech R&D center for product engineering houses 75 scientists, 2/3 of which have PhD’s.  Their best current opportunity is with the DSIA-Defense & Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic.
  3. Cambridge Innovation Center is expanding to St. Louis, Missouri because they think that is the location with the most potential upside.
  4. Massachusetts Global Partners actually complements the Cambridge Innovation Center with their Enter Mass.-Supercluster Program.  They train/mentor/coach firms on GoToMarket strategies, technology transfer, & matchmaking. Their Czech Accelerator program offers 6 month sessions for 3 companies/session.  These started in July, 2011, so they are now in session #5.  Oscar Tech, CNS, Cathedral Software, & VentureCafe.net have come out of this program.
  5. Oscar Technologies was founded in June, 2012 in the Czech Accelerator & has expanded to Silicon Valley.  Their prototype tablet for the elderly was completed in May, 2013.  It has a meal calendar & other programs useful for the aged, & allows them to be managed remotely in Google Play.  They serve customers in 3 countries with 12 employees & are looking for distribution, advisers, investors, & a senior living facility for a pilot program.
  6. Czech Wine Imports-OK, so they’re not a tech firm, but they made a welcomed contribution to the evening’s festivities.  They feature Moravian wines from 45K acres, which produce 60M gallons.  They’ve won 78 medals & earned 25 of the top 1000 wines by Klub Sommelier.

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