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Energy financing in Turkey

Friday 28 August, 2009

I attended this last minute presentation organized by Central Asian Productivity Center at the International Visitors Center by Hacettepe University‘s Prof. Dr. Hasan KAZDAGLI.  Here’s his presentation:   sunum chicago

And here’s what was not contained in the presentation:  Despite all of the oil flowing through Turkey, as a fast-growing country, it still has too little energy.  Turkey recently signed agreements with the European Union to transport oil through Austria via Nabuko, which will avoid transporting oil from Russia through Ukraine.  It’s already reached Tbilisi.  Turkey also recently signed an agreement with Russia to create a link on the Black Sea.  Turkey signed the Kyoto Protocol last year & are negotiating with the Russians to build a nuclear plant.  Turkey is the 2nd fastest growing energy market after China.  The Turkish gas market is no longer under state control.  Turkey has a goal of producing 2000 megawatts of wind power by the year 2020 & is offering special incentives for renewables.


  • Asians, Germans, Italians, & others are investing in Turkey.
  • Human resources are strong in Turkey.  A law was passed 5 years ago granting tax exemptions to technoparks, resulting in 19 technoparks in Turkey, with 3 in the capital Ankara, which house 142 companies.  Turkey is home to 150 universities, many of which teach in English, which educate engineers, many of whom specialize in automotive.  1.5M apply to Turkish universities, but they only take the top 1% to maintain high quality.  200K graduate each year.